We spend hours evaluating and testing products so that we can carefully curate our product line to cater to your four-legged friends. We recognize just how important they are to your lives, and take the responsibility.



Biologically Appropriate™ dog and cat foods made from Fresh Regional Ingredients and we make them from start to finish in their own award-winning kitchens.

Their mission represents a new standard in pet food, designed to nourish your dog and cat in two ways. First, according to its natural evolution to a meat and protein-rich diet. Second, using meats, poultry, eggs and fish that are sustainably ranched, farmed or fished by local suppliers and delivered to their kitchens fresh each day.


Just the glimpse of a Chuckit! toy is enough to excite the fetch-fanatic dog. The bright orange and blue colors signal an adventure with major playtime to come. Chuckit! performance toys are designed to take interACTION with your dog to the next level. These dynamic products are not intended to be solo play toys. Built on innovation and ergonomic design, Chuckit! has revolutionized the classic game of fetch. This enhanced experience encourages more playtime.

RC Pet Products

RC pet products are all designed to help strengthen the bond between guardian and pet, while looking good and performing superbly under all conditions.


Collars and harnesses are designed to be comfortable for your pet and help both of you feel secure and safe in any situation. Leashes are strong yet light, allowing quick and distinct communication between you and your pet, enhancing the connection.


Coats will keep your pet dry, warm and happy in rain and snow, helping you get outside with your pet more often.

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